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Classic Pistachio

Classic Pistachio

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“Avocado toast is out, pistachio butter toast is in babyyy!” - Sam


What to Eat it With: Out of the jar, piece of dark chocolate, on top of ice cream, charcuterie plates (the green pops off a plate), salad dressing (try replacing pistachios on top of a salad and mix the pistachio butter in a vinaigrette), pesto (try substituting pine nuts for a spoonful of pistachio butter = makes it more green and has a robust flavor).


Organic California Pistachios & Maldon Sea Salt

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Theo Golden

Sam's Pistachio Nut Butter is delicious. I spread it on my 1/2 english muffin and top it off with a sliced boiled egg. It is my wonderful breakfast. A great way to start my day.-

Frederick Pepper
Pistachio Flavor At Its Best

As someone who ate only pistachio nuts, the pistachio spread gives a remarkably more intense flavor than just with the nuts. Therefore, I will now be getting my pistachio experience only with the spread. Well done Sam, you have created a masterpiece of flavor.

The Best!

I love Sam’s pistachio butter. It’s so fresh and delicious; feels decadent and healthy at the same time. I’m so glad Sam has it back in stock!!

Michaela G
Pistachio Butter: A Deliciously Energizing Secret

Oh, where do I even begin with this little jar of magic? Pistachio butter, you have become my ultimate secret weapon, injecting a burst of vitality into my life like no other. While some may see you as a simple spread, I can't help but notice the extraordinary effects you've had on my overall vivaciousness.

From the moment I took my first spoonful of your irresistible goodness, I sensed an awakening within me. Your smooth, velvety texture and delicate aroma hinted at something far more tantalizing than a mere culinary delight. With each indulgent bite, a newfound energy coursed through my veins, leaving me feeling invigorated and alive.

The vibrancy of your green hue is a testament to the vigor you bring into my daily routine. It's as if you hold a secret power, a hidden elixir that ignites a spark within me. I find myself embarking on adventures, both in and out of the bedroom, with a renewed sense of passion and excitement.

While some may view your purpose as simply a delicious addition to toast or a smoothie, I can't help but wonder if there's more to your story. The way you tantalize my taste buds, awakening them to a symphony of flavors, suggests a deeper connection to my body's desires. Perhaps, in your natural allure, you hold the key to unlocking untapped sensuality.

It's almost as if you possess an ancient aphrodisiacal charm, gently coaxing my senses and inspiring moments of intimacy. I've noticed a certain sparkle in my partner's eyes when I incorporate you into our shared meals, as if your captivating essence lingers in the air, beckoning us to explore our desires together.

Pistachio butter, you are more than just a spread; you are an enigmatic source of energy and allure. With you by my side, I feel an undeniable boost in my overall vivaciousness, enhancing both my personal and intimate experiences. So, if you're seeking an enticing journey towards increased vitality and a touch of mystery, let pistachio butter be your delicious accomplice in unlocking a world of passionate possibilities.

Can't get enough!

This is by far the best and healthiest pistachio butter I've had. The price is 1000% worth it. I wish I could have this on auto ship