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Classic Peanut

Classic Peanut

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Classics are timeless.

A customer at a farmers market recently told us, “I did not think peanut butter could be life changing.” We do love our peanut but even that was unexpected.


The American Peanut Belt runs from Virginia down south to Georgia and Florida then west towards Texas and New Mexico. Georgia and North Carolina farmers grow the best organic peanuts we have encountered.
The U.S. is the world’s fifth largest grower of peanuts. China grows 17M+ tons compared to the U.S.’s 2.5M tons. That’s a lot of PB&Js.


Organic Georgia Peanuts & flaky sea salt

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Global peanut production:

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Customer Reviews

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Madhur-Nain Webster
Best peanut butter ever!

Wow this is the best peanut butter I have ever had. I bought it at the farmer's market and laughed that he had a XL jar and I mean it was BIG. But now I can see why. This stuff is amazing. I sent a jar to my son at college! You want to buy this and try it.

L Bev
Awesome Taste

Just discovered this yummy PB at Good Earth. What a find, it tastes sooo good and fresh. And the peanuts are from the state I grew up in to boot. 👍

stephanie h
Classic Peanut

this Peanut Butter from Sam's Adventures Snacks tastes fresh and delicious. appreciate that organic, dry-roasted, grown-in-the-USA peanuts and a sprinkle of flaky sea salt are the only ingredients, and that it is not weighed down with any added sugar or oil. super creamy, simple peanut butter. the flavor is mild enough to make it sweet or savory for anything you need it for. love it and enjoy two tablespoons daily straight out of the jar. my favorite new snack.