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Classic Almond

Classic Almond

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The one in the center console of my car with a spoon nearby at all times.


We source almonds from the world's first regenerative organic certified almond orchard, Burroughs Family Ranch, located an hour west of Yosemite. In the foothills of the eastern central valley their ranch is an oasis amidst a land of nutrient deprived land.


Regenerative California Almonds & Sea Salt

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About the Almonds and the Orchard: The variety of almonds we use is called Butte-Padres. They are light and naturally sweet. Such a foreign taste and this was the almond that converted me from a non-almond butter fan to a fanatic (most almonds we eat are non-pareils and their flavor is mid). The orchard they are grown at is run by Benina and she is a boss. Regenerative from the beginning and having just received the world’s first Regenerative Organic Alliance certification for the almonds. We are pursuing a similar certificate for our almond butter.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Cassandra K. Bolte

Not sure how this is exceptional as it is, but boy is this the most delectable almond butter I’ve ever tasted!!! Just incredible!

Judith Hartzell

The BEST almond butter I have ever tasted in my life!! Was visiting my daughter in SF and picked it up at Gus's. I now have it shipped regularly to Philly and send it to family as well. AMAZING!!

Rebecca L Franco
Great Maple Almond Butter

BEST plain almond butter and maple almond butter I have EVER had!!!!!! I’m a big fan.

Alyssa Haught
Awesome ‘butter

Best almond butter I’ve ever had …far better and less expensive than any store bought product
Thanks Sam , you keep crushing and I’ll keep buying !!

Matt Q
Almond butter. Yum

I love this almond butter. It’s not overly roasted and the flavor is so fresh.