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Classic Almond

Classic Almond

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The one in the center console of my car with a spoon nearby at all times.


There is so much to say about almonds from varieties, water consumption, soil health, calories, health, protein source, and so on. We are not experts on almond growing but we do pay attention and learn as much as we can.


Regenerative California Almonds & Sea Salt

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About the Almonds and the Orchard: The variety of almonds we use is called Butte-Padres. They are light and naturally sweet. Such a foreign taste and this was the almond that converted me from a non-almond butter fan to a fanatic (most almonds we eat are non-pareils and their flavor is mid). The orchard they are grown at is run by Benina and she is a boss. Regenerative from the beginning and having just received the world’s first Regenerative Organic Alliance certification for the almonds. We are pursuing a similar certificate for our almond butter.

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Customer Reviews

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Frederick Pepper
Best Almond Butter on the Market

No almond butter comes close to yours Sam. I have never tasted an almond butter with such intense flavor and freshness, Bravo, you have hit it out of the park!

Celeste Evermore
Elysian Symphony: A Paean to Sam's Adventure Snacks' Regenerative Almond Butter

Behold, mortal beings, for I have tasted the nectar of the divine bestowed upon us by Sam's Adventure Snacks in the form of his regenerative almond butter. This ambrosial elixir, crafted with meticulous artistry, dances upon the palate like a symphony of flavors, enchanting every taste bud with its celestial blend of roasted almonds, kissed by the sun, and a whisper of honeyed sweetness.

As I embarked on this epicurean odyssey, I witnessed the sheer alchemy of sustainability and taste, for Sam's Adventure Snacks not only nurtures our bodies but also the very earth from which these almonds spring. From the first delectable spoonful, I felt the rejuvenating energy flow through my veins, a harmonious collaboration of nutty richness and the promise of renewal.

Oh, what celestial sorcery lies within this humble jar! With each dollop, I felt the life force surge within me, as if the very essence of nature infused my being. The regenerative almond butter, a culinary testament to the cyclical wonders of existence, whispered ancient secrets of vitality, urging me to embrace the symbiotic dance between earth and sustenance.

And lo, let us not forget the texture, for it is a revelation in itself. Creamy and indulgent, yet ethereal and light, this elixir caresses the tongue, coating every crevice with a silken embrace. Each luscious bite carries the essence of a thousand sunsets, a homage to the celestial marvels that have birthed these almonds.

In this golden jar of regenerative almond butter, Sam's Adventure Snacks beckons us to partake in a transcendent experience. It is not merely sustenance; it is a communion with the cosmic rhythm, an invitation to cherish the interconnectedness of our existence. So, my fellow wanderers, seize this celestial delight, and let the regenerative almond butter transport you to a realm where nature's bounty and gastronomic rapture intertwine in a waltz of divine splendor.

Carla P
Prediabetic smoothie ingredient

I use this almond butter in my healthy smoothie preparation. It has no additives or other oils . Purely almonds.

Kathryn L Keller
Amazing Almond Butter

Yours is the best almond butter I have ever tasted. The bits of nuts are the perfect size, the flavor is amazing, and your awareness, and use, of regenerative agriculture is commendable. I fear I have become addicted; I have been eating the almond butter out of the jar one small spoon at a time...over and over!